SUPPORT LOCAL 613 is run by Ironclad Graphics in Kingston Ontario. 

Ironclad Graphics is a screen printing shop that has been around for approx 15 years. We have weathered a lot of different ups and downs in business and the economy over the years. But we have never seen anything like COVID-19. We see our friends struggling, we’re struggling, we see people unable to pay their bills and having to lay off employees. We are worried that our favourite stores and shops won’t be around for long (and then where will we get tasty coffee and yummy burritos?. How will we cope)

While we sit here with a huge array of printing equipment sitting idle, while our graphics department works on essential services such as COVID-19 Social Distancing signage and masks, we have found a way to help our friends and associates stay open and hopefully be around when things start to get back to normal.