Are you a local or regional business that’s been impacted by COVID-19 and have had to close or reduce operations?
Do you need some money to help with bills and employees?
Do you think your customers would buy a t-shirt to help support your business?

If any of these apply to you, feel free to contact us about our SUPPORT LOCAL 613 printing initiative.


In it’s most basic form, the initiative works like this: You send us a design, we pre-sell the shirts, we print and ship the shirts to the customers after 3 weeks, and then cut a cheque to each business for the number of shirts they sold. Each shirt nets the business $10, which is 50% of all profits.

Businesses can either submit their own artwork, or we can help with designing the artwork for you. We recommend topical designs related to being closed, community and small business support, but hey you can also just put your business logo on the shirt if you like, no problem.

Once we’ve got your artwork all setup, we will put your shirt up for pre-sale for 3 weeks. We’ll promote the products through our webpage and social media, and we hope that the business will also help to promote their own shirts. Remember, the more shirts we sell, the more money everyone makes!

After 3 weeks, we print the shirts and ship or deliver them to the customers who ordered.

Then everyone gets to feel happy because not only do you look great, but you helped local businesses weather this unprecedented world event.

Plus you got a t-shirt… who doesn’t like a t-shirt.