The Idea:
-We have printing equipment that’s sitting idle, and we have friends who own businesses that need to make some money, and we have to make some money. Since most of our customers are other businesses, when those businesses can’t function, we can’t function. Hopefully, this is sort of a circular way that everyone can help each other.
-We’d like to somewhat limit the area we’re covering to approximately the 613 area, but extending into PEC, Ottawa, and the surrounding areas. If you’re in Toronto, maybe not, but if you’re in Cornwall, no problem. That sort of thing.

The Shirts:
-All the shirts will be Alstyle 5301 Ringspun Cotton. These are great shirts and have for years been a best seller for our shop.

-In order to make sure this whole project is streamlined as much as possible, and to avoid stock issues, we’d like to print as many designs as possible on Black shirts. That being said, if you need to have a different colour shirt, let us know and we can arrange that.

-All shirts will have a 1 colour print on the front, in 1 colour ink.

-Each design will sell till approximately the end of May, or a shorter period if requested. Once the final deadline for ordering has passed. We print the shirts and either mail them, or arrange for them to be delivered in a contact-less manner.

The Money Part:
-First: There’s no cost to sign up, no upfront fees, no setup fees, or anything like that. All we need is your contact info, address, billing info, and some info about your company.
-Payments will be issued by either cheque at the end of the sales period.

-The shirts will sell for $25.00 + shipping/delivery.
-$5.00 from each shirt is to cover our raw cost for shirts and ink
-$10 from each shirt will go to the business who sold the shirt
-$10 from each shirt will go to Ironclad Graphics to cover the costs of printing, overhead and payroll.
-If you need us to design the shirt for you, then we can do that for $60, with that being paid out of your final sales (Total Sales – $60 for artwork). We do have to pay designers for this artwork so this is an added expense in the end.

Promotion & Sales:
-The online store will be run by Shopify, and we will be handling the shipping and packing.
-We have purchased and .ca.
-Facebook/Instagram/Social Media ads will be run to help promote the project.

-We would really really encourage everyone participating to help promote the project and your design, via your own Social Media channels. We will make posts that you can share, you can make posts that we can share. All this can be done with links to each other’s accounts, and the hashtag #supportlocal613  As always, the more shirts we sell of your design and other designs, the more businesses will benefit. 

Artwork Submission:
-Artwork can either be 300dpi Raster images from Photoshop, or Vector images from Illustrator.
-If you need us to add a catchphrase to your artwork with simple text, then we can arrange that for either free or for a very minimal fee (again, payable at the time of final sales)